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Excellent tour for food and culture lovers!

"The tour was really good. We first had a 'tico' cocktail made by one of the best mixologist in Latin America. Then we ate at two amazing and innovative restaurants, both offering a nice approach to modern and authentic Costa Rican gastronomy, rescuing ancient recipes and using fresh, local ingredients. We finished with a very informative coffee tasting and presentation, where we had a dessert and learnt a lot about Costa Rican coffee and its history. From start to end, the food and drinks were simply delicious. Meeting the chefs behind the signature dishes was fun, they were so kind and humble! In terms of quantity, it was maybe a bit too much, but the guided walks between restaurants in trendy Barrio Escalante were good to allow some time to digest."

Felipe Z - Sumak Travel

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“Adriana really has great contacts in San Jose particularly in the trendy area of Barrio Escalante. She organised a personalised tour for me and a friend based on our preferences and everything was executed perfectly including a coffee tutorial in @undergroundbrewcafe followed by some small plates at @lunarojarestaurante and a proverbial feast @almercat finished off with a cocktail made to order in @mil948. Everything is based around showcasing the best of local produce and talent and I highly recommend her tours for anyone who appreciates quality.”

Peter T 

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"I loved it!!! Excellent, the places, the food, the people. Very enriching, educational, elegant and totally recommendable experience. Thank you."

Santaine A

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"The restaurants selected were amazing, and the concept that you're looking for: locally grown is fantastic. Even as a local this tour surprised me and taught me things I didn't know before. When I go back to theres restaurants (and I will!), I'll look at them with completely different eyes."


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"This is a tour that introduces you to the best of emergent Costa Rican cuisine in the heart of San José´s district of culinary innovation. What a wonderful way to spend a few hours in the city connecting with the local culture! Tasty food, a sense of connection and great company!"

Monica H. - Impact Hub

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To see photos of past events and follow our tours, please check on Instagram #foodietourescalante & #foodietouramon
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What an incredible night in San Jose!

We toured the Escalante neighborhood with the lovely @foodietourscr to try the best Costa Rican contemporary cuisine. If you love munching as much as we do check out the description below:
@cabranegracr brews the most exclusive Costa Rican grown coffee in magical ways. The chef at @restaurantelunaroja deconstructs classic dishes for a fun spin on cultural staples. Al Mercat @almercat serves beautiful, sustainable, mindful food fresh from their farm, and we got to mix cocktails with local flair with @lulusaturninobistropub

Megan - Costa Rica Experts

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