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We specialize in designing exclusive gastronomical tours and private dining experiences that will take you from the roots of Costa Rican traditional cuisine to modern, original food creations. Signature dishes by the best local chefs, that you will also meet during the tours!
You can take one of our food tours or we can organize a thematic private meal for you in a restaurant or selected event's place for bigger groups.
Farm to Table Food Tour, San Jose, Costa Rica
Foodie Tours Costa Rica, Latin American Flavors

"During every food tour or private event, you will experience an innovative approach to modern and traditional Costa Rican gastronomy. Each experience has a different concept that is characterized by a gastronomic theme or design (e.g: farm to table, experimental, veggie, ancestral, contemporary, etc); you can pick the one that you like the most. Or we can create one​ that suits your taste and interests!"

Adriana H. Font


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