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Gastronomic Tourism in Costa Rica - A Must on Your Vacation

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

The gastronomic experiences, the aspiration of any 21st century customer!

Customers have changed their way of consuming and their expectations, nowadays they seek to live an experience and go beyond a simple food tasting, all this has led to a more diverse hospitality market than ever.

For all professionals in our sector it is the perfect opportunity to improve ourselves, let our imagination fly and enjoy our work like never before. Not only looking for great cooks or serving to our customers, but also designing a proposal; designing the so-called gastronomic experience.

Foodie Tours Costa Rica has insisted a lot on this concept so present in our panorama, so are going to dedicate this post to defining and exploring the term gastronomic experiences.

What is a gastronomic experience?

The gastronomic experience is everything that customers perceive during the tours, from the moment that we start the tour by introducing the concept and then taking them through the neighborhoods to each restaurant; the atmosphere, the storytelling, the plating of the dishes, the service, the interaction with the food and workshops, the immersion into our food and culture until they leave, it is a complete journey.

In general, an experience encompasses gastronomy, service, concept, local, in other words, both the physical dimension as well as the sensory and environmental dimension. It is, therefore, the point around which our hospitality business should turn.

When a client chooses an experience in restaurants, he not only expects a good menu but quality of the dishes, service, attention, proximity, lighting, decoration, etc. All this, together, manages to create an experience. If this is good, customers will be delighted, wanting to repeat it and to share it with their acquaintances.

How to create a gastronomic experiences for our clients?

Dedication is part of the process. Each establishment must look for its strengths and exploit them, transmit them to the customers and make them experience something different, that difference is something unique, innovate, special and authentic: a true gastronomic experience.

To achieve this, it is very important to take into account the following points:

1. The importance of a professional and friendly service

The human factor is a key in all the hospitality businesses, it is one of the main points that will differentiate our business; it is what clients will experience the most up close, and one of the elements that will help them to feel like at home.

Through the customer service, the public will be able to know what the values ​​and image of our brand are, therefore, it is essential to have a quality human team that work with enthusiasm, and professionalism, that they know how to create a satisfactory environment for diners, always respecting their space and privacy. In addition, of course, to know perfectly the gastronomic proposal, the menu components, and the particularities of the restaurant or bar.

It is no longer just about learning the menu, taking orders and bringing the dishes quickly. Customers value feeling cared for by the room crew, who has shown competence, kindness and experience.

2. Distinguish yourself from the competition: authenticity & creativity

There are many food tours companies, but like Foodie Tours Costa Rica, none. And that is where another of the keys to a good gastronomic experience lies: differentiation.

Originality and creativity will make us unique. It is not necessarily about offering the most imaginative tour concepts in a bizarre way. Our differentiation can bet on the sober or the traditional, the important is to form a coherent proposal that we believe does not exist in the market and will surprise our customers, the called "wow effect".

So, locate the most differentiating features of your business and enhance them.

3. Storytelling to connect with the customer

A story is easier to remember than a disjointed list of features. We will always be more recognized as a business through storytelling. For this reason, the storytelling for hospitality can also express the gastronomic experience that we offer.

Where can we incorporate this storytelling? Everywhere. From the design of your thematic to the description of the tasting menus. Going through the establishment's website, your social networks or even the way the waiters talk about the menu and products.

And let's not limit ourselves to the merely textual. Again, all the elements of your premises must be in tune: the ambience, the decoration, the service, the food... For the diners, the experience must be a walk through your project, from the beginning to the end.

4. Let's not forget gastronomy!

Logically, gastronomy is a key piece, the base on which the gastronomic experience lies on. And we must not forget that customers come to enjoy the dishes.

And this is where we must also add everything that we have commented previously: same affection, delicacy, quality, originality and, of course, concept. Customers should be able to delight your sight, feel an olfactory explosion and, obviously, taste.

The gastronomic experience is a basis for customer loyalty.

If we get our clients to live a memorable gastronomic experience, we will be building their loyalty, and that, nowadays, is essential for any restaurant. A client will return when he knows that he is going to find what he is looking for through his own experience. That is, when we have earned your trust and not just your attention.

In addition, a satisfied customer becomes the maximum spokesperson for our brand. He can recommend his acquaintances to all of us and carry out priceless publicity for us.

It is time to give your audience the gastronomic experience they are looking for. Create, experiment and surprise, and, in addition, take the opportunity to experience this profession in all its splendor.

If you are looking for authentic gastronomic experiences in Costa Rica or you have a business that wants to offer a unique sensorial concept based on culinary experiences, please contact us, we will be glad to guide you!

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