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Caribbean Flavors | Foodie Tours

Magic of the Caribbean: a mix of exotic flavors, heritage & cultures!

During this 4 days and 3 nights gastronomic tour, you will enjoy the culinary creativity and heritage of the Bribrís (indigenous town) and South Limonenses (Afro-descendant community), you will share with them, taste and learn their recipes, immerse in their culture, visit the beautiful beaches and explore the tropical jungle. 


The southern Caribbean region of Costa Rica is a mixture of rainforest and tropical beaches. The climatic conditions of the area are suitable for a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and exotic spices that have been used by its inhabitants who are African descendants on the coast and indigenous communities in the mountains. The communities that you will visit will be Puerto Viejo, Manzanillo and Brirí, all in the Talamanca protected area.


  • This tour requires a minimum of 2 people and is only available on private reservations.
  • Price per person.


Itinerary Summary


Day 1: Arrival to Puerto Viejo from San Jose, hotel check In - Food tour for lunch - Rest of the day free to relax at the beach and enjoy the town.

Day 2: After breakfast we will visit Manzanillo National reserve

 for a hike - cooking workshop for lunch and Cacao Tour + coffee in the afternoon - Free Evening to explore the night life (recommended)

Day 3:  Transfer from Puerto Viejo to Brirí Indigenous reserve: canoe tour to Yorkín - Traditional lunch with the indigenous women of Stibrawpa - Afternoon cultural activities and hike - Local dinner with storytelling

Day 4: Morning visit to the Bribri of Panama - Artisan coffee tour with cooking demonstration (local fruits) - Transfer to San Jose.


Tour Description


Day 1: From San Jose to Puerto Viejo, Talamanca (-/L/-)

We will pick you up at 7am at take you to the hotel in Puerto Viejo, Talamanca (4,5 hours journey, approx.) to check in or leave your luggage stored.

Late morning, we will start with a foodie tour during which you will taste the most authentic dishes in town and our local guide will tell you stories about Puerto Viejo, his family, their culture and history while we walk through the neighborhood visiting several restaurants (approx. 3 hours in total). The limonense cuisine is a mix of local vegetables, tubers, fruits, seafood and game combined with cooking styles from many different locations, sparking new ways to cook these exotic items. Coconut milk appears regularly in many dishes, as does ginger, curry, allspice, cinnamon, thyme, pepper and other strong spices brought to the Caribbean by Dutch spice traders.

Free afternoon, you can enjoy at the beach and enjoy the town lifestyle walking around.

Day 2: Visit to Manzanillo National park and culinary activities (B/L/-)

Early in the morning, after breakfast, we will visit the Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge for a 3-hour hike with a local guide. The refuge's best hiking trails begin in the village of Manzanillo and wind through 988-acres of forest, marshland and coastline along the refuge's southern tip. Inside the forest, under the dense cover of cacao trees, strangler fig and coastal almond trees, curious capuchin and howler monkeys, two- and three-toed sloths, tapirs, agoutis and raccoons. Around the lagoons, visitors can find caimans, turtles, lizards and a variety of other wildlife creeping to the water's edge for a drink.

Along the coastline, the refuge's beaches serve as nesting grounds for leatherback, green, hawksbill and loggerhead sea turtles. Just south of Punta Mona, a large red mangrove swamp provides protection to a natural oyster bank. Farther south, Gandoca River Estuary is home to spawning Atlantic tarpon, caiman, manatee and other water-loving species. In addition to protecting diverse acreage, the refuge, created in 1985, has legal provisions that grant local communities permission to live within what is now wildlife refuge protected land, creating a diverse, vibrant refuge. The turtle nesting season here lasts from March to May.

After the hike, we will visit a local's house, you will get ready to start the Caribbean food cooking workshop, learn all those secrets behind each delicious recipe, and immerse even more into the Caribbean culinary experience of this exceptional town.

After lunch, we will take you to the cacao fields for a Cacao Tour and Workshop, you will learn all about this sacred fruit, its history, its cultural value, how to turn it into chocolate and create your personalized version using local exotic spices and enjoy it with a cub of fresh local coffee.

Free evening - time to relax, get some souvenirs and try a local restaurant before we leave the town next morning.

Day 3: Puerto Viejo to Yorkín – Experience Bribri Paradise (B/L/D) 

After being woken up to the sounds of the birds, breakfast will be served before transfering to Bambú in the midst of the Talamanca Range (approx. 1 hour). This excursion will take you deep into the indigenous territory of the Bribri, located in the tropical rainforest of Talamanca - a unique opportunity to experience the Bribri culture. From Bambú, a local guide will take you into an indigenous canoe steered by experienced boat crew from the village. You’ll sail down the Yorkín River (approx. 1.5 hours), the natural border between Costa Rica and Panama, and appreciate the exuberant virgin vegetation in the area. 

Upon arrival in Yorkín, you will have a one hour tour around the village, then we will go to the rural lodge in Stibrawpa village, passing through organic banana and cacao plantations. On arrival, you will have a delicious snack before visiting the Skui River and the suspension bridge. Afterwards feel free to take a swim, or dip in the natural pools.

Then we will take you for a traditional Bribri lunch where you will learn the recipes of some local dishes, you can volunteer to cook as well, and then enjoy a made with love meal. They will explain you about the different initiatives and projects of the local indigenous association and later you will visit their agricultural projects. They will show you how the Bribri community tile the roofs of their houses and more curious aspects about their lifestyle and culture.

The day will conclude with dinner followed by a cultural exchange where you can listen to ancient stories about the Bribri culture and traditions which have been passed down from generation to generation.

Day 4: The Bribri of Panama - Yorkín to San Jose  (B/L/-)

In the morning, a big breakfast will be served for you to stock up on energy for a hike that will take approximately 3 hours, during which you will meet a group of women who are looking after the forest – the Arakupa Kakonu in Panama. You will be taken across the Yorkín River to visit this community. Upon arrival, attend a presentation about artisan coffee production or the preparation of banana cream. Next, you will be taken on a guided tour of the forest while the women tell you some of their stories about Talamanca.

Upon your return, you will have lunch. Don’t forget to check the excellent handicrafts in Stibrawpa, made with natural resources from the forest. Afterwards, we depart in the canoe back to Bambú and then take the road to San José (approx. 5 hours in total) We will take you to your hotel.

- End of the services.

  • What's Included?

    • Accommodation (3 nights based on double occupancy per person)
    • All workshops with meals and drinks offered during each activity and specified meals in the itinerary (B: breakfast, L: lunch, D: dinner)
    • English speaking guide. All guided activities and snacks offered during the hikes.
  • Details

    Note: Transportation is not included. Total price with transportation would be $895 per person based on double occupancy.


    If you need more details or have any questions, please Contact us: or +506- 88444301 (we use whatsApp or sms if you prefer)


    Price might change depending on the season, we will send you the price details by email.

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